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Scans to me are a way of becoming indulgently one with my lonedom. Love me, a mooncurl, love everything else. I am the first step on a staircase. Or something.

"My style icon is a used milk bottle"

Here are diary!! Mine! woah!1@::;#

I was trying to design some sort of Tumblr poster

The Rookie Magazine meet-up was completely brilliant and was the catalyst to me transforming into a big pile of glitter

Accidental folding

 ~*~Eddie Tenpole~*~

A comparison

"these are Dizzee Rascal's lips" might be the best thing I have ever written
Tune in next time for:

  • exhaustion
  • hair growth
  • life events of some sort
  • increasingly bizarre metaphors
  • updates on how intensely I love Kraftwerk

A tiny photo album

I thought I'd do something with the prints I had lying around, and I ended up turning this little book into a very portable little photo album. Things that are the best: tiny things, hearts, minuscule marks and scratches and dirt recorded in precise detail by a scanner.



My grandfather's house, Sterling

Me and Mark (and Jarvis)

Me with Jarvis, Poly Styrene, John Maus


Someone standing at the end of the catwalk at Fashion In Motion at the V&A museum, me wearing love heart socks

Hampton Court, mystery woods


Pandit Dinesh playing with Blancmange at Bush Hall, and Dave Vanian from The Damned

Trafalgar Square

Whiskey the cat

Flowers: Arisaig, goat: Glasgow


Me with a pizza, Nick & Lucy
For scale: