Pigtails Forever!

Foxes - Glorious

I am so into pigtails lately because they are such a cute and easy way of getting hair out of your face, and you can do all sorts of little variations with them, like positioning them low or high, fluffing them up, curling/straightening them, or plaiting them. They're pretty versatile and pretty adorable. Look at all these perfect pigtails! I'm setting an official goal for myself this year to learn how to do French plaits because they confuse me to no end but they look so good. In the meantime though, I'll definitely be leaning on the Pippi Longstocking/Mildred Hubble plaited pigtails look.

Dasha by Alexander Vinogradov

The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

Sulli in f(x)'s Hot Summer

Carrie from Sex in the City

Marc by Marc Jacobs via Gina Michele

3 Top Looks From 80s Music Videos

As the decade immediately preceding my birth, the 1980s holds a special place of mystery and speculation in my heart. It may not have had the 10 member boy bands and witchy TV shows of my childhood, but it did have a multitude of layered synths and oversized trouser suits, so here are a few of my favourite outfits from some choice music videos of the decade.

1. Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) - Don't You (Forget About Me)

Jim looks so cute in the Don't You video. His hair has a light level of fluff and the light brown suit makes him look like a 16 year old with a career options mock interview to attend. That doesn't sound like a good look, but it is. He probably has toy cars in his pockets.

2. Kim Wilde - You Came

I love Kim Wilde. She seems like someone who I'd have a sneaky glass of mulled wine with on a train. Kim has a bit of a Hillary Banks look here - all pointy shoulders and tight trousers. The little jacket and crop top are pretty adorable and paired with the most high waisted trousers in the world she's probably still quite warm. A smart move. I'll tell you what though, this video involves a lot of twirling and jump cuts so it's hard to get a clear screenshot.

3. Nancy Wilson (Heart) - Never

Nancy looks pretty great in a sparkly, golden ringmaster blazer and some sort of amazing ruched top. She also has perfect rock star/human bush/Lucy from Twin Peaks hair. It's worth noting that her sister Ann has a great rock 'n' roll witch look in this video too (and many others). What I'm probably really here for though is the black skirt and tights combo that was perfectly executed by pretty much everyone in the 80s. It's kinda simple, but just right.

Stars & Sad Moons

I've been using up a big wad of printer paper with felt tip drawings and trying out a set of colourful biros. It's all happening over here! I also used my very last mini post it note (what an event!) and drew a sad green moon (try listening to this song whilst looking at sad moons). I've been enjoying pigtails a lot recently too, so I had to include a picture of me enjoying wearing pigtails in this post. Please enjoy the picture of me enjoying wearing pigtails. And the other things.

Diary: Twin Peaks & Blog Memories

This week has been pretty nice and full of crumpets. I am finally actually re-watching Twin Peaks and I am currently 5 episodes in. I'm having an assessment show this week (opening on Thursday), then it's my birthday on Sunday, and Elliot is interviewing for a slightly less part time version of his job next Tuesday, so it's quite an eventful one! I've already received some pretty snazzy birthday presents, including a cat lunch bag and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bath fizzer.

I'm posting these diary pages as double page spreads because I don't think they look quite right as single pages. This does mean the text is too small though, so please do zoom in to read them! I made a little vlog on Thursday as well, so please enjoy that below.

Foil Moon & Buffy Hair

Ok so here's a fun update with some recent drawings and pictures from my phone. I made the collage above with biscuit wrappers because I thought the foil was cute. Brown paper is cuter though! The moon looks pretty good in foil.

I'm drawing more pigtails lately. Pigtail club 2015. Also a lot of stripy socks and little birds.

I don't know how I manage to look so different in photos depending on whether I am taking them or not. How does this happen? Why does this happen?

This is a true margin doodle, and extremely Animal Crossing influenced. I just love those mayor designs!

A little person inside a big heart.

This picture is just me trying to remind myself what smiling with teeth looks like in photos. I find that if I don't take photos of myself I kinda forget what I look like. It's always odd to think about, but it's really easy to forget what you look like, even if you look in a mirror a lot!

I woke up one day to find these rings had been left on my arms by three mischievous hair bands I'd worn overnight.

This was me trying gauge whether the Buffy the Vampire Slayer wispy tendrils of hair look is something I can work with. So much of the styling in that show has a really perfect effortless/cute-in-a-practical way teen vibe which I like a lot.
Also the sun was doing some excellent shining at this moment (see below).

Animal Crossing Journal #11: Haircuts & Gardening

Recent events in Boy: a haircut, some redecorating, and twinned towns.

First of all, I've rearranged my living room into a nice and neat ice cave. I'm putting as much green furniture in here as possible too, with a nice alternative deep green colour. Here I am above, watching Mac as he checks up on my interior.

This is the plot of my tenth and final villager for the moment, a lazy penguin named Puck. He has already donned a 1D t-shirt, so he's adjusting well to life in Boy.

Some mayors are just rude.

Some mayors wave fish in my face all the time.

Some mayors get to have their towns twinned with Boy. I built this cool sign that says so. I'm thinking of adding a dream address when Sausage gets one. I love Sausage.

Berry has also been decorating. All One Direction albums are up on the walls, and there are some skillful paintings displayed too.

A few snowmen have caught a glimpse of '?' wandering about all in white. Mysterious.

Not sure this is appropriate barista attire, but I do what I want. It helps me to concentrate on my coffee making. All my thoughts are contained in the knitted peak.

I'm Charlie Dimmock.

Me and Agnes chilling out. She's a pretty cool pig. Stumps are where I get all my great ideas. We're thinking of starting a ska duo.

I decided to change my hair a little bit because sometimes you just get tired of a middle parting. Also I just kinda wanna try lots of haircuts.

And here I am having a laugh. It's all the pollen, it's getting to me.

Photo Waves

I have a small collection of film prints which I keep in a packet together, and they're like a little world of pictures. They're pretty normal - just some moments. Nice things to remember and just... things. Pictures of how my room looked last year, pictures of me in the bathroom. Stuff like that.

Pictures shape your memories of the moments they represent, but what if you only had distorted pictures? What if all your physical memories of something were stretched and strange, waving and looping? What would you remember then? I have my little world of pictures, and the world of memories in my head, but it's pretty fun to play with them. It's fun to melt your memories into something new.

Also: Here's a bonus non-stretched picture of Elliot just because I like it: