Tumblr Drafts: An Archive

I've kept some old drafts on my Tumblr for ages with nowhere to go as I didn't want to publish them there, but I'm going to share some of them here because there's all sorts of odd little snippets I've kept. I hope you find some of these saved things interesting!

A series of unpublished text posts:

"To be honest sir I fail to see how you riding a small dog constitutes a Miley Cyrus cover but I’m going to put you through to the next round anyway because I love your sequin jodhpurs" said Simon Cowell in a rare moment of jodhpur joy.

My love for you is like a long cucumber. Healthy, and suitable for many salads.

sometimes I like things on a website and sometimes I like things in my mind but it’s not very different either way

Sometimes in East London you just have to touch a willow tree. They call me the top Walthamstow willow tree toucher.

I am a moth do not touch me I can fly away very easily
I fear no human disappointment
I’m alive and hurrying

Spacelab  →  Anxious Heart

bone baby
baby bones

A bubbling sugar nymph tiptoes  across the floss of a child’s newborn hair and flittering, crumpling light pushes through gaps in the blond. Jolted kisses are blown by a slightly bedraggled man just slightly jittering on the train platform, his breath visibly curling in the cold. 

ghost notes

remember when I downloaded a ghost?
That’s a torrent I’ll regret
the ghost hasn’t left yet
it’s 2 years later and every meal there he is
just looking at me
and eyeing up my pasta
and making spooky noises

little wiggly line
drawing the cool s

I have so many blogs I’ve lost count
I’ve got one listing my bruises by size, colour, and suspected cause
one detailing how many strands of hair I leave on public transport
I have configured them electronicallt 2 re
one filled with grainy pictures of my bed at 4am
Blog liSt
from walthamstow to normandy
through puddles and mud and friday night vomit
every hair of his that’s touched my fingertips
colour coded by time of day and numbered by finger
reddened skin
through alcohol intake or injury
time recorded
intensity recorded
pain recorded (if applicable)
a blog listing all my blogs and when they were made
measurements of exactly how much hot chocolate i’ve ingested

Little Things

I thought I'd scan some of the things nearby. These badges are from my jewellery box. We have the beautiful Bash Street Kid, Plug (an inspiration to us all), tanuki Mario, Frank Sidebottom, a heart, and a Noah Lyon badge I picked up at the Whitney Museum in New York (it says "satisfied with life"). Also, my very important hair bands and some cute heart-shaped clips in pastel colours.

Here are 2 very important things - a small Sylvanian Families bunny and some pearl earrings. Extremely necessary.

And here is my Totoro purse, one of my business cards, and a note with a cute lil' kid drawn on it. Precious items, all of them.

Journal Progress

Here's some progress I've been making with my journal. I keep scraps of old things that I've made or journalled. So some of these things are old (sometimes I go through old journals and rip out the best bits and these often get reused or put somewhere new). Old drawings, old photos, old cutouts I still like a lot, and even old Oyster cards (the day my zip card expired was the worst - I miss those free buses).

This collage includes one of my favourite pages ever from Company magazine. A teapot is a perfect style icon.

These are also some old pages, with old drawings and collages. It reminds me how much I like cutting up fashion magazines. They are very fun to collage with. I went through a little phase of drawing myself wearing space costumes. And I always used to draw myself with a huge grin, too. It looks a bit menacing, actually.

This is probably my favourite set of pages, featuring old Oyster cards, test drawings (I was trying to figure out how sleepyberry draws things), and Blixa Bargeld. It's a good mix of things.

Most of all I just like to rearrange and reuse old things every so often because I suppose it's a bit like moving your stuff to a new home. It's a good opportunity to cut things out that you don't need or like so much and reorganise your old stuff. I find that really fun to do with journals too, and it feels useful, like re-sorting my memories, The cow picture is actually the card my grandad sent me for my 18th birthday. It has some limericks inside and I've kept it since then (I love cows!).

Sticking things in also kick starts pages really well, so it's a good way to get started. It throws me into journalling pretty effectively. That's one of the many reasons I keep a little treasure trove of scraps and drawings and various paper things. It also endears me to the journal itself quicker to have old things in there. It makes the journal an important continuation.


I've dedicated a whole sketchbook to chalk drawings and it's more fun than I expected! It's quite cathartic really. I have always had this wariness of messy materials that never really set (like pastels and charcoal) because they just get everywhere and are hard to control. I find them kinda frustrating, but I like to retry things every so often and see if I can find a new approach to something that I don't like, especially also because if I have something like this I feel bad neglecting it. So I feel like I have to use these chalks up! Not only because they are here and I happen to have them, but because they were a birthday present and I know I can put them to good use!

Like I said in yesterday's scanner post, they are actually hair chalks, but there's no way I'll end up finishing them by using them on my hair. It's a fun thing to do very occasionally, colouring my hair with chalk, but I'm not interested in doing it often. Usually when I go out I forget about this sort of thing, so I'm glad they have another use. Making myself do arty things I sort of don't like or am apprehensive about is sometimes great because it expands my abilities I guess! You have to find the best way of working with each medium and sometimes I can hate one for a long time before I learn to love it.

This is definitely the most fun I've had so far using chalk or pastels, and I think I'm learning to let go and stop trying to control the mess. Work within the limits of a medium and you can learn how to enjoy and utilise it! I feel like a kid now (or like the adults who draw children's drawings for TV shows).

I started off making pretty landscapes because the chalks have so many pretty colours that reminded me of sunsets and dusky skies. I seem to have a strong like of drawing pink hills. Stick figures are the easiest thing to etch into my landscapes afterwards. I feel like stick figures sometimes really complement a very full, rich, colourful landscape. Not that the landscape is very complex, but there's something of a nice simplicity in using a stick figure here. Besides I just like stick figures a lot. I relate to them. I'm stick-like in many ways.

This spread is a continuation of the sky theme. I just wanted to do a nice fade from pink to yellow instead of a proper drawing. I really want to watch a hundred sunsets in succession now. They are the coolest things. One of the best things about being alive on Earth, I think.

After that, I deviated from pretty landscapes and drew the first thing I cold thing of. This is often an eye for some reason. I draw a lot of simple eyes. I guess they are a very interesting face thing. A thing that feels like it connects you to the brain. I mean, when you look at someone's eyes you can see something of their thoughts or feelings, just a little bit. Just a slice.

And this continued to sillier things. Simple things. All the colours lend themselves well to very simplistic drawings. Colours can be so emotive. That was what I was thinking here. Also a big stylistic thank you to Animal Crossing for making me want to draw lower eyelashes.

This is the first picture I drew in the book. A hopeful little drawing. Sunsets, a well as being beautiful, are this interesting symbol for hope and happiness. Why do films end with characters walking into the sunset? Why is that such a romantic image? I LIKE IT (A LOT)

Also, here is a little ginger-haired kid I drew to test out the chalk before starting in the sketchbook. Looking kinda grumpy and like she's wearing sleepwear.

Chalk Kid

When I was in middle school I used to eat chalk. Don't ask me why, I guess I just loved that tasty rock. I also liked to eat grass at that time, so maybe I was just fond of the natural environment. Tasty, tasty environment. Has Heston Blumenthal done anything with chalk? Anyway, I don't eat chalk or grass any more, but I do have a set of colourful chalk which I have decided to draw more things with. It's actually hair chalk, but I find colouring my hair with chalk kinda weird, so I am considering it regular chalk instead. I might use it to colour my hair again, but I figure I might as well draw with it, since the sticks would take a long time to get used up just on my hair.

I was trying it out and I drew this blue-haired kid and I thought I'd use her as a prop for scanning with. It's nice to have something bright and colourful to scan with to contrast with the muted natural tones of my face and hair. The chalk sticks themselves are also really great props because they're such a great range of colours. Chalk is not an art material I'd usually use, but I'm embracing the oddness of them.

Animal Crossing Journal #20: Penguin Town

Welcome back to the sweet little town of Boy. At the moment, Toto is expanding his house. Actually, everyone is expanding their house. Except me, since mine's already as big as it can be. This is a first look at Toto's new second floor room. It has a nice cosy library/study feel. And a jar of pickles, because you need those when you're concentrating!

My dear pig friend and big sister type Agnes decided to move away from town recently. Unfortunately I didn't realise this before she was already packing her things away for the move and I couldn't stop her. One night some time after her departure I met Flo, who was visiting Boy's campsite, and she agreed to move in. I'll miss Agnes, but having a new face around will be nice. This means Boy will now have three penguin villagers (Flo, Gwen, and Puck).

A couple of days later, Flo's plot showed up. It's in a perfect location, right next Toto's house. He won't be all alone in the North-West corner of town any more! I'm really pleased with this - the placing is perfectly neat.

Molly is pretty excited about it.

I've been spending a bit of time designing some new clothing. I wanted to make a couple of plain things - especially plain white t-shirts that can match nicely with lots of bottoms. I'm tempted to try making the Joy Division Unknown Pleasures t-shirt.

I made Berry a new skirt-dress in pink to match her hair. It looks a bit cuter than her previous dress, and is a bit more subtle as a 1D outfit (you can barely see the "1D" on her chest), but of course she still has to show her musical passion through her clothes.

I really like the lovely furniture series a lot more than I ever thought I would. It looks great in pink and white, a toned down version of its original bright pink. I love my bedroom.

I also love this owl.

I went over to Octavian's house and found Molly in there. I wept to make them feel guilty for hanging out without me. Even the little alien underneath the spaceship feels bad for me.

Diary: Books & Elephants

I think I'm gonna try to stick more things into my diary - labels and wrappers and leaves from the day - just because it adds some extra personality and another visual element to my entries. It's nice to remember little things and have them right there on the page too.

So this week there has been some pigeon romance going on (pigeon couples make the loudest cooing noises), lots of reading (I'm halfway through Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and it has pulled me in deep), and eating some tasty fruit and nut mixes. I also acquired a new little cuddly elephant friend.

Jelly Shoes & Forest Imps

Here are some sparkly pictures from my phone. I don't know why I decided to draw a dog face over a picture of my Primark jelly shoes and long socks, but let's embrace this beautiful dog. Sadly these shoes are hurting my feet a bit, so I think I'll save them for use as beach sandals or something. They're fine to wear for a little while, but not for long. The socks also are confusing, because if I wear  them at full length (they're thigh highs) they really irritate my legs. I think this is a "my legs" thing rather than something weird about the socks.

I have a bunch of tiny trainer socks that I'm probably gonna wear more in warm weather. I feel so weird with the bit immediately above my ankle uncovered, but these sock experiments must continue!

This is a picture of Elliot achieving high fluffiness levels. Good job!

I'm really sorry if this drawing hurts your eyes. As I write this I am avoiding looking directly at it. I think it's kind of beautifully awful. Email it to Charles Saatchi if you fancy.

Here's me! My old fringe hair is currently doing a cool little face framing curl thing. It's sort of nice to have a section of hair specifically for cuddling your chin. It's definitely much better than a short while ago, when that hair wanted to go into my mouth at all times. Rude.

This last picture features a nice forest imp drawn over a bit of the forest I took a photo of when having a nice walk. I kinda want to make a comic about forest imps now. Okay. Cool.

Post-It Note Drawings

Because of the nature of post-it notes as quick, disposable memos, I think they lend themselves really well to drawings. It's almost impossible for me to take drawing on a post-it note very seriously (not that I really ever take drawing seriously). It's easy to fool about. Also I enjoy the yellowness of them.

It must seem like I keep very much within my comfort zone with drawing, and well, I guess that's partially true because I don't really bother with things I'm not enjoying for very long, but I do like to set myself little challenges and exercises. It's like playing minigames, it just adds a bit of variety and fun to things. And when I try little challenges they help to keep ideas and general creativity flowing too.

So I set myself a quick challenge to draw on a bunch of post-it notes. I used pencil because I like the look and feel of it on a post-it note. I don't know whether it's to do with the size or colour or texture of the paper, but pencil just looks very right here to me. I drew some silly things and they feel important, in the same way that someone's scribbled shopping lists are important, or how they curl up in their bedsheets, or which pair of socks is their first choice. Important little things.

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Room Tour 2015

The last time I posted about my bedroom was last year (unless you count this redecoration post, but that's a bit more focused) so I guess it's a good time to update. Things are mostly the same. I've settled on a pretty clean style now and am sticking mostly to it, although I am still building upon the wall decoration, and rearranging and organising things a little differently as I see fit.

I now have this lovely little wooden table, which is just perfect for doodling at and resting my tea and pencil case and notepads on. I also have fallen in love with this light, heart-themed, scribbly bedding from Ikea. It's been around for years, but I've only recently started using it. I'm also using the Moomin pillow case my boyfriend gave me, which coincidentally also matches my heart bedding as Moomintroll is painting his own heart. I guess Moomintroll made my bedsheets.

Before this I have always used navy blue bedsheets, but I really like having a light, bright, white colour instead. It just feels so cosy and pleasant and... bigger, even, just from the added lightness.

This wall is mostly the same, but I keep my pinboard super neat now. Some photos stay huddled together at the top, stamps in the bottom right hand corner, and all unused pins in lines on the left.

This wall at the other side of my bed, however, has quite a bit of added decoration, including some big magazine collages I made and a bunch of drawings. I also currently keep a whole host of cuddly toy friends at the end of my bed. I have a pretty big collection I guess, but there's no use keeping them shut away in a cupboard somewhere (it makes me feel guilty), so I keep as many of them as possible out.