The Plaits Return

I've been getting back into putting plaits in my hair. They always remind me of Agnetha Fältskog, Twist from Spaced, or that one character simply called 'library girl with a pigtail' in Final Fantasy VIII. All excellent role models and aspirational figures, I'm sure you'll agree.

They're easy to make, still tend to look okay when they're messy (when are they not messy?), and they're super useful in keeping hair off my face, so it's about time they came back into my life!

Journal Collages: Good & Content

Here are some pages from my small journal, which I've been really enjoying using lately. It's a very satisfying size for doing odd doodles and things.

It's been nice making little collages in here. Sometimes I just want to stick lots of small things down and make a cute little mood board or save some nice typography and cool colours.

I wish I could have a shopping spree in the magazine aisle of my local Tesco. Just pouring all the magazines into a trolley for my collaging pleasure. Backgrounds from Top Gear magazine with ponies making up the foreground, from all the pony/animal magazines.

Diary: New Diary & Final Fantasy Thoughts

So, I'm continuing my diary in a brand new notebook. I like this one a lot because it's got a satisfying hardback cover that I can drum my fingers against and rest mugs on. Functional. My previous diary also had pages that glue adhered to really poorly, so I'm very happy that I can glue things into this one without a stressful time.

I think I'm going to be a bit more text heavy in this one. I just feel like I really want to write a lot more and be more introspective about my days here. I miss that satisfaction that comes from filling up pages with words.

I finally finished 'Cook, Serve, Delicious' - a really nice game about cooking - and I spent some time watching the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie (which was pretty alright, I thought) and the related Brotherhood anime mini series (I really loved it). I've been watching some Final Fantasy LPs lately and thinking about the series a whole lot in general. I'm still in the middle of my Final Fantasy VI playthrough, so I'll probably be giving some time and attention to that pretty soon. And then at some point it's time to replay VII.

Oh, and I've been playing Fantasy Life as well, in which I'm a cook and I get to make soups, currently. Yes, maybe I love cooking games.

Miitomo Is Still Great

Recently I've been using Miitomo again after ignoring it for a long time, and I still love it so much. I could probably just spend my entire life making Miifotos feverishly in an attic, chuckling deeply to myself as I add a wine glass emoji to a picture of my Mii.

I still feel like I never get enough coins, but at least I can enjoy adding Talking Heads lyrics to my pictures. The truest art form there is.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (It's Good & Has Dogs)

I don't know what I was expecting when I decided to watch Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV - a short companion anime series to the Final Fantasy XV game proper, and a series which gives us a bit of backstory on our princely boyband protagonists. I certainly did not expect an emotional time with dogs, but that is exactly what I got and I loved every minute of it.

The series consists of five episodes - an opener and closer which tell a neat little story arc amongst the boys as they travel, and three episodes which weave in some very nicely written and touching flashbacks detailing the development of each boy's respective relationship with the prince.

It's a really neatly structured little series and each character really gets a chance to shine. All of them feel very real and genuine, and by the end of the last episode I felt fond of all of them (but mostly Prompto, because wow, my feelings).

Also, Noctis' dad is really cool, and did I mention dogs? Because seriously, dogs.

Brotherhood is funny, silly, pretty, and emotionally compelling in all the right places, and right now I have a strange desire to start a campfire and bake some kind of dessert.

Conclusion: consider watching this series if you're a fan of dogs and/or food.

Tick Tock

I am here in pieces and strange movements (as always). It's about time for some more warped scans, I think. Recording some movements and light shifts is nice, a nice time to have with the scanner to expose the smoky goblin I truly am inside.

Scanners are such great cameras for bringing out the spookiness of our movements across time. It's interesting that a lot of things we consider spooky play with elements of time. Things moving too fast or too slow, light doing things it shouldn't, perceptions of impossibility. Stretching, warping, and glitching. We're scared of time.

But we are time.

Time is us.

Tick tock.

Vegetables & Stars

Here are some small creatures with large passions (mostly for food and themselves, which are fine passions for anyone). Please sit with them under the starlight and share a delicious pot of soup or something.

Bunny & Bunny

It's been sunny and nice lately. Here are some mystery images to celebrate.

I'm collecting some scraps - pieces of drawings, paintings, and the occasional label deemed important enough to be kept. For collaging and trinket purposes (sometimes it's nice to collect something, even if it's just for a little while).

I'm feeling very nice because I have some new sunscreen and some recently purchased jumpers to wear and feel very comfy in. My new fleece is the best, and I just feel very comforted by all of my clothes at the moment. It's just very good and nice.

I've been drawing lots of tiny bunnies, and I also got a nice big cuddly bunny (from Morrisons). He is so soft and cute, and I love his big floppy ears and his ribbon.

I'm not sure what to name him.

Journal: Messy Beginnings

Here are some miscellaneous journal pages. I had to do something a bit messy here, and it's always a nice start to something to just dive in and stick something down and make a thing.

It doesn't matter what a beginning looks like once you get to the end, so to begin with, here's some disjointed and mismatched pages full of paint and haphazardly stuck on elements. A nice mess, and as good a beginning as any.

Diary: Old & New

I've been getting into watching LPs again lately (starting with HCBailly's let's play Final Fantasy XIII series) and I started watching a new k-drama too, which may the best yet (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the third k-drama I've started so far - after Pinocchio and Hwarang).

I've also been intermittently playing Cook, Serve, Delicious (because I guess I love to cook lobster) and I've been reading bits and pieces.

I've been working on some journal pages too, and actually these mark the last diary pages in my current diary, so I have to designate a new sketchbook for it, which is always a nice moment.

Maybe I'll change my style a little bit with the switch. We'll see.

Animal Crossing Journal #32: Bug Lord

It's almost time for the cherry blossoms to strike the town of Boy again, so in preparation I'm trying to make some small changes to the town - a little bit of renovation here and there to get it ready to look as nice as possible when all the blossoms are out.

Rudy is out most recent new villager, so I'm making sure he's feeling welcomed by everyone, and I'm saving as many bells as possible to invest in a few building changes. Our most pink human resident, Berry, is working hard to change her interior around and make it look new and different, and I'm looking into all the new bits and pieces we can get at the campsite to see what extra charm we can add to Toto's hotel (because it still doesn't look all that hotel-like).

I've been catching bugs a lot, so I have a new nickname amongst some of the villagers. At least they're happy to help in keeping all the flower gardens growing.

It's strange to have a town full of cats now, but I love them all.

I spent Easter digging eggs from the ground (and luckily that ended up generating some extra income for the town too). It's nice to have a special guest around.

Here's Berry hanging out in my bedroom. She's got lots of decorating to do in her own home, so I wonder how that will turn out.