Blue Skies & Cats

Sometimes there are good things and sometimes you take pictures of them. There have been lots of good things lately. Blue skies, plenty of blossoms, chubby pigeons, etc. I think a few years ago I used to take a lot more pictures just casually. I've been less of a snap happy person in recent times, but this past couple of weeks I've been starting to take pictures of everything again, with no care for what I might do with those pictures, or the quality I might want them to be. Pictures just for fun. Real snapshots.

It's been so nice, and makes me feel so present and fresh. I like all the shadows and dull tones and blue that comes out, so I decided not to edit these pictures at all before posting them. Edits are nice, but it's also nice to just take something straight from the camera and let its natural exposure and colour balance be part of its personality.

Really, I always think the distorted shots, the images blurry from movement, or the ones capturing an awkward, ugly laugh are the greatest. As good as any neatly composed and lit shot, but just serving some different purpose. And after all, it might be easy to get caught up in paying more attention to your camera than your life, but pictures should be about keeping our moments as much as possible. Real ones, grainy ones, ones where we were moving and laughing.

So I'll take lots of pictures of everything.

Meanwhile, this cat will judge me forevermore.

(& the sun will shine)

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