My Collection Of Excellent & Uplifting SHINee Images

Hello, yes it's that time again. Time for a SHINee post.

I've been building up a folder of good and pure SHINee pictures for a while, so I thought I would post my favourites here, just so that they're in one place and I can gaze upon them with affection at any time I like with greater ease. Let's get started then.

1. This.

Okay, look at them. They're stylish, they're majestic, they're wearing warm jumpers and coats so they're probably also cosy. It's very nice. Taemin is turning his back on us, but that's just Taemin.

2. A nice happy snapshot.

Taemin no longer turns his back on you. He gives you two thumbs up. There is no greater honour. Also, Jinki's jumper says "slowly" on it and if that isn't the most perfect word to have on a jumper so that everyone knows you are perpetually one small step away from lying down on the floor, I don't know what is.

3. This cool suit shot.

They are all looking at a delicious tower of Ferrero Rocher just out of shot.

4. That time when they sat down.

Somehow, Lee Jinki has accidentally joined The Bay City Rollers. Everyone is fine with this.

5. This cute selca.

We are all Minho.

And now for some bonus individual member images that make me laugh forever:

1. When Jinki told us his favourite Japanese word (kekkou, meaning splendid, nice, wonderful).

2. This collage of Key praying.

3. Sunglasses Minho (I got this from @lqchoiminho).

4. This... image.

5. And this perfect representation of me when I see a kitten.


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