Snapshots: Hearts & Frogs

I made some painted hearts. I'm not sure why, but here they are. Mysterious and flimsy talismans made with little thought, but I love hearts. I always feel compelled to make or draw them. They're everywhere and I love to facilitate their omnipresence. Please accept these hearts.

It's so sunny. It's getting to evening as I write this, but today has been a scorching day. I went for a quick walk and found a cat I hadn't seen in years. I used to call her "drooly cat" because she drools a lot when she purrs, and I'm obviously very inventive.

I keep thinking I really want to make lots of collages, and this reminded me of a friend who always had a heap of old books and magazines just for collaging. Lots of editions of The Beano. That was always a great idea. I usually completely destroy magazines for collage purposes almost as soon as I get them, so I don't really build up a store like that. I guess that just means I'm a bit more likely to collage some of my own pictures/paintings, which is also very nice to do. Maybe I miss it because it's such a chaotic way of making things. It's not like anything else.

I also just recently got a new (and quite large) rabbit cuddly toy. It was from Morrison's, and I know I probably have enough cuddly little friends, but this poor rabbit was forced upon me and I am now entrusted with its care. What can I do? I must protect the poor thing. I don't have a picture to show you, so you will just have to imagine his beauty for now.

Other than that, I have also been painting with purple quite a lot, and now I'm noticing purple in a lot of places. I suppose it is a colour heavily used by chocolate companies, so I must be seeing a lot of Easter purple.

Also, isn't it funny how my Freddo toy (below) has strange, stumpy legs instead of clearly defined frog feet? I'm not sure how well you can see it in this picture, but he has such odd (yet cute) little non-feet. I love him.

What a great frog.

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